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Project Description
This project will help deaf people communicate via sign language to hearing people with the Kinect as an interpretation device.

This project is setup so that people wanting to use kinect for american sign language can. Later, I will add a database so anyone can add new signs to the project.

Please share any experiences anyone has in gesture recogition as that will be the first stage in developing this project up to maturity.

Okay, now that I have graduated. KinectV2 source will be coming soon once I come up with the money to buy one. Please stay tuned very closely to this project! I will come back with more source code updates in the next few months. Please feel free to use the forums I have setup to communicate about what you would like to contribute or see in the project.

Still working on another Kinect project and will soon move on to this one. I am currently looking into the Kinect V2 but will not be able to buy a new Kinect at this moment. If someone wants to donate the money for it I will start my sign language interpreter with the Kinect sooner. However, my other Kinect project is getting more interest and I will try my best not to leave it dead.

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