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I dont have documentation yet because this is my many theory attempts at creating a sign language program.
If you wish to help research kinecttoolbox because that's my second attempt at sign language to speech with kinect.

Heres what will be planned for in the future in a stable release but still theory right now:
1. Try to create a sign language recorder program
2. Add gesture comparsion to the project as a whole
3. Speak the word using a text-to-speech engine which is built into windows 7 and above.

Need to have windows 7 and above because I dont plan on windows vista or before integration because of the kinect sdks limit to windows 7 and above. I dont plan on open ni version soon but anyone is welcome to convert to open ni later so this can be linux compatible.
Edit: Plan on total implementation within the next 2-6 months depending on how well gesture recogition is implemented into the kinect sdk v1.5 and future versions.

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davedragon Apr 16, 2017 at 2:38 PM 
hello sir. do you have project like that in kinect v2? i need it for our thesis.. thank u